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Love is in the air and our shop is stocked with stylish options. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a cathedral or at the park where you had your first date, a casual white wedding dress can be just the right look for your special day. “Casual” is a relative term, after all: You can choose from a variety of options, whether your vibe is sleek and modern, retro glamorous, beachy, boho, or romantic. From lace to chiffon, off the shoulder to sweetheart, and mini to maxi dress lengths, our bridal selection is nearly endless. Sure, it’s the biggest day of your life but it shouldn’t leave you broke – that’s why our assortment is as affordable as it is elegant. We may not be able to control the weather, the food, or your uncle’s crazy dance moves, but when it comes to style, we’ve got all you need to ensure the perfect day.

The Charm of Casual Bridal Dresses

Wedding dresses for casual wedding venues can break from the traditional – and they’re a great choice for unconventional weddings, small ceremonies, and destination nuptials. You’re unique, and your wedding dress should be, too: And since these looks aren’t too over-the-top and super bridal, you can wear them again for other special occasions without looking out of place.

A traditional wedding dress can cost a fortune – and you only wear it once! Scoring a casual dress from @Wedding Dresses in US bridal collection allows you to relive your happy day over and over again. Wear it out for anniversaries, special dates, and other formal events when you want to stir up some sweet nostalgia. Casual bridal dresses are a fun break from convention without casting aside core traditions; you can be elegant, on-trend, and comfortable on your big day. And, since our boutique apparel is more affordable than designer bridal gowns, you can get a fresh bridal look without blowing your budget. (That leaves more money for the honeymoon!)

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Casual Wedding Gowns

A white informal wedding dress can mean anything from a goddess-like maxi style to a short and sweet summer wedding dress. When you shop our @Wedding Dresses in US bridal collection, you have plenty of choices, and even if you’re going casual, the dress decision is as important as ever. So how do you pick the perfect dress?

  • Be true to yourself and your style. Although casual wedding gowns may be more affordable and less bulky than their traditional counterparts, they can still look dressy if that’s what you prefer (you are getting married, after all). Some of our bridal pieces even feature short trains! And of course, above all else: Don’t let anyone’s opinion cloud your better judgment of what wedding dress is best for you. Keeping all of this in mind, you’re guaranteed to score a dress worthy of saying “I do.”
  • Consider your venue. One of the great advantages of a casual dress is the range of lengths available. If you’re exchanging vows on the beach, look for a dress that doesn’t skim the ground, so it won’t drag in the sand or soak up the tide. Keeping the venue aesthetic and wedding theme in mind will help you zero in a dress that will flow with your big day vibe.
  • Showcase your personal style. Pick something that suits your wedding’s theme and style. How casual is your wedding? Do you need a clean, elegant design to complement a sleek, modern venue, or do you want a short, lacy look that suits a ceremony in an intimate, romantic setting? Casual bridal dresses give you all of the options you need to create a stunning look that matches your special day.

How to Style the @Wedding Dresses in US Bridal Collection for Your Big Day

Your dress is important but so are your accessories. Shopping online for a casual white wedding dress is only the first step: Make sure to check out our affordable, elegant accessories and apparel to finish your bridal style!

  • Casual bridal dresses don’t necessarily require casual shoes. An elegant pump can add a polished element that complements your look. Traditional white is always bridal-appropriate but if you want to express your personal style, consider an unexpected shoe hue. A pop of color peeking out from under your dress can be a fun, playful twist! If you go with blue, you’ll also have your “something blue” covered.
  • Every bride wants to shine on her big day and the right wedding jewelry is a must. This is your chance to channel your inner princess if you want to. Add long pendants or drop necklaces to complement plunging necklines, or choose bracelets with some sparkle.
  • Don’t forget your lingerie! Nude underwear works best with white dresses, but if you’re prepping for a honeymoon, pick up a few cute and colorful pieces to surprise your new spouse.